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Is residential housekeeping the new commercial cleaning?

The pandemic has brought with it a strange dichotomy; the intensity and thoroughness of cleaning has been increased across the board, but the area that needs to be cleaned has shrunk.

By : Clean India Journal

Understanding the impact of COVID on Facilities Management

Remote work doesn’t apply in many industries where the workforce must be physically present to make or deliver products or services.

By : JLL Technologies

Latest Minimum Wages Central April 2022

Important Note:
The Central Minimum Wages Notification (Apr 2022)

By : MJG Group

4 facilities management trends for 2022 that you should know

Which trends will shake the world of facilities management (FM) in 2022? Our team of FM experts shares them below.

By : JLL Technologies

Transforming Facilities Management Digitally

The digitisation of the world is happening rapidly. This is impacting all sectors of the economy – disrupting some, whilst improving others – and this trend is something that is here to stay.

By : Colliers

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